Trooper Recruiting

                  The Arkansas State Police is now looking for certified officers to join the ranks at the Arkansas State Police! If you are interested in becoming a trooper, we want to meet you!



Arkansas State Police Trooper Hiring Information and Forms:  

The demands and expectations placed on an Arkansas State Trooper are extraordinary.  That’s why the Arkansas State Police has some of the highest minimum standards required of any applicant who choose to enter a law enforcement career.
* Each Initial Contact Form and Medical Release Form is held for twelve months.  If you are interested in becoming an Arkansas State Trooper, please read more from the material linked below and submit your application.

  • Minimum Qualifications
  • Initial Contact Form  (Do not open this form in your browser.  You will need to download it and open it in Adobe Reader or Acrobat to complete it (or the “Submit” and “Print” buttons may not work). If you need Adobe Reader you can download it here. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE FORM. INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. (Please note that if the highlighted “required” fields are not completed, the “Submit” button will not work. You must still complete all fields on the form to be considered.) The “Submit” button will generate an email to our Recruiting section and automatically attach your completed form.  Please do not change the subject line or the first line of text in the message.
  • Medical Release Form   (Your doctor MUST complete the Medical Release Form). It can be submitted separately from the Initial Contact Form, but you must complete and submit both the Inital Contact Form and the Medical Release form before you will be scheduled for the physical fitness assessment test.
  • Arkansas State Police Physical Abilites Fitness Test (Instructional Video)
  • Salary/Benefits
  • Transfers and Promotions

Hiring Process:

After sending in the completed initial contact form and medical waiver, if you qualify, you will receive a letter (mailed to the address you listed on your initial contact form) that will list the date and time of your physical abilities test date.

For information on the physical abilities test, click on Arkansas State Police Physical Abilities Fitness Test (Instructional Video) above .

Upon your successful completion of the physical abilities test, you will be contacted for the following remaining steps in the hiring process:

  •  Written Test
  •  Polygraph
  •  Background Investigation
  •  Interview Process
  •  ASP Commission Approval
  •  Conditional Letter of Hire
  •  Medical and Psychological Examinations
  •  Recruit Orientation

Please note: ** You must successfully complete each step to move to the next.

Contact a Recruiter:

Main Recruiting Line  1-800-340-4255

Sergeant Wanda James  (501) 618-8501
Sergeant Craig Teague   (501) 618-8724

Click here to contact the Recruiting Office by email